The land of opportunity, the United States of America. Many immigrants have made the trek to this country, hoping for the American dream. The diversity of race has been a mishmash of sorts with each contented to have a peaceful environment working hand in hand for a better standard of living. Everyone is working hard trying to better their lives and one of their goals is to have a house of their own to call home.

In a survey done about the surnames of top home buyers, anyone could see that
Hispanic and Asian surnames have ranked high. In 2005, eight out of ten home buyers in California were either Asian or Hispanic as reflecting on the surnames of those who bought houses.

In Florida on the same year, the surname Rodriguez was ranked third in the top ten surnames that bought houses. Although ranked two notches below the top, the surname Rodriguez had a higher average on the prices of the house they bought.

More studies from before has also shown that many immigrants lists owning a house, home and properties as their top priority. Many of them work hard to save up to one day owning a home. Roughly from 60 to 50 percent of them wants a roof over their head that they have a deed on.

Real estate agents have seen the buying force and have capitalized on this. There is really nothing new with this, this nation was built on the backs of many immigrants who have worked hard to build it. Many off them have done the races and treks to new found lands to claim their own properties. They braved the wilds and worked hard to make their homes. Having a house or property is something anyone can be greatly proud of.

Now it is the influx of a new kind of immigrants. There may be no undiscovered or chartered lands to claim anymore, no more wild races to run, but there is the hardships of competition and the endurance of daily sacrifice to lay claim to a property. Many immigrants have to work doubly hard to enhance their quality of life and buying a home of their own is their reward.

Real estate agents have felt the sudden change in the trends and this is brought upon by the influences of their culture. Non-white surnames regularly calls for a different approach when selling homes. Real estate agents study their culture and their way of thinking when purchasing and choosing a home to buy.

The Hispanics for example brings great pride and self-worth when deciding upon a house. They want a home that can reflect on their characters. They want their hard work to reflect on the house they buy. This gives them a sense of pride in themselves.

Many of the Hispanics look highly upon people who have done all he could to get a house of their own. Home ownership commands respect. This shows you are a made person and is highly responsible.

Asians on the other hand choose homes that can be quite practical and very accommodating to their needs. Also, age-old traditions such as feng-shui can come into play. Many of the Asians would temporarily leave other priorities on the backseat and everyone in the family chips in to make their dreams and goals come true. Asians are known to be very hardworking and can give up many things and do sacrifices to achieve their goals.

Many real estate agents have created special divisions already who can cater to the needs of the Nguyen’s, the Chan’s and the Garcia’s. These divisions are highly trained on the cultures and mindsets of non-white surnames in the market for a home.

Also, the different ethnic groups are represented well in the market. Studies show that Hispanics and Asians are more likely to believe one of their own. This is because they know what the other has gone through and they respect each other for that.

Reports have shown that the continual growth of immigrant sounding surnames will continue to grow in years. Aside from the high number of houses that are being bought by immigrants, they also show that they are getting prime properties. This is a market that is hard to ignore.